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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Keep up the good work. The third day is the sore-est, so push through: Show us your moves on fb with #12daysofmodemass!

Beast MOde (your workout)

It's the 2-minute marathon. You'll do each exercise for 2 minutes, or 1 minute per side. You'll need medium weight dumbbells for some of these and a yoga mat. Make sure you're warmed up and have fun.

1 Walking Lunges With Weights

Keep your knees in line (don't bow them out or let them cave in) and your front knee behind your ankles. Hold weights at your sides, or add a biceps curl if you want added challenge. Step out with your front leg and try to lower your back leg almost to the ground. Then, bring your back leg to step out for the next rep.

2 Crab Walk

Start in sumo squat. You can hold weights close to your chest. Toes should be turned out and knees should be in line. Without straightening your knees, start to "walk" to the right. After one minute, reverse and "walk" to the left.

3. Kick and Punch Front

Start with feet under shoulders. Kick your right leg to the front as you punch your left hand forward. Return to start. That's one rep. Repeat on the other side and keep alternating for 2 minutes. You can add a hop or jump for more cardio.

4 Jump Rope and Jog in Place

With or without a jump rope, alternate 30 seconds jumping and 30 jogging in place.

5 Push Ups and Plank Jacks

All arm-burning credit to AKTinMotion's holiday challenge here. Alternate one push up and one plank jack. Just try to do this for 2 minutes. You can drop to your knees or take a break and keep going. It's not easy--we tried this at home.

6. Plank Mat Jumps

Start in plank. Engage your core. Press into the mat with your hands and jump both feet to the left. Then. jump both to the right. Keep going for 2 minutes.

Repeat for more burn....

MOde Lifestyle

Trying to ditch a bad habit? We all are! Finding a healther substitute doesn't just work for food. Try listening to music instead of late night TV, for example. Making "you" time and building it into your night is key--sign a contract with yourself for 10 minutes of self-care. Do a face or hair mask or just stretch out.


Thinking of excuses takes more time than effecting change. This one is a MOde original..

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