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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 4

Keep up the good work. You're nearly there with the first week. How are you feeling? Share your stuff with us on fb at #12daysofmodemas

Beast MOde (your workout)

Music can make or break your workout. It's also a fun way to ditch your timer and relax into the activty. So, today, we give you 20 minutes of beats-led sweat. The premise is simple: take your favorite cardio and use the chorus of the song as your "push," the verse as your recovery and the break/guitar solo as your chance to kick your own booty. Also: If you love prog rock, don't try this at home. 13-minute compositions do NOT make for good motivation. 5000 tempo shifts later, you'll be either breathless or bored (Oriana speaking here. Trust me, you don't want to be trying to run all out through the THIRD solo in your favorite song). Want to rock? Here's some ideas for putting pedal to the metal (all ripped from the MOde cardio playlist)

I'm Shipping Up to Boston--Cover of Dropkick Murphys

Breaking the Law--Judas Priest

Run for the Hills--Iron Maiden

Last Ride of the Day--Nightwish

Half a Marathon Man--Sonata Artica


MOde Lifestyle

Multi-tasking is only efficient up to a point. Group task by category---errands, work, whatever--to stay as sane as possible. Wait, was that my phone?


A picture is worth a thousand words--repost of Greg Barg's shot of 305 Fitness instructor Harold HD.

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