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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 10

Hump Day? More like Slump day. Deadlines, holidays, let's face it, nobody loves the middle of the week. That's why we're here.

Beast MOde (your workout)

Just like last week, this is a series of two minute sets. Inspiration was lacking, so we turned to a favorite famous fitness elf for some burning ideas. Hey AKTinMotion! So, here are the MOde picks for a brief pre-cool-down burn. Check out their Instagram for video how-to!

Single Leg Deadlift to Biceps Curl

Around the World in Squat

Lunge Plank to Lunge Kick

Punch and Squat

Side Plank with Abduction

Triceps Dips and Cross Body Reaches

2 Minutes each or 1 Minute each side!

MOde Lifestyle (your tips for healthier holidays)

Don't leave yourself off your Christmas list! Schedule something for you.


"Go for it"--Various

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