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Meet the MOde

We're just a couple of fitness fans and instructors juggling work for a magazine and trade fair with working out and living life in CIncinnati. From dance to running to yoga and Zumba, we love to move it--teaching classes around the city or learning from our favorite teachers. Oh, and we are a mother-daughter tag team. FInd out about each of us below:



A time-out in grade school for my inability to sit still should have told me everything. Check out my standing desk if you don't believe me. Cheerleading was just the start of my life a la MOde. A passion for running and weight training followed, joined by yoga, Zumba and yes, a need to dine at every fitness buffet going-- from AKTinmotion to Pop Physique and Cyclebar. I still couldn't get out of the studio, so in 2010 I joined the dark side, er, became an RYT-200hr yoga teacher and a certified Zumba instructor. Since then, I've added barre, core power yoga and core bootcamp to my CV. You can let me kick your boot in my classes or request a private online yoga session here.



From countless childhood hours spent in ballet classes to miles logged hiking and rolllerblading (often with Mary), I've always loved to be active. Real life and a "real" job meant I had to find new ways to make fitness part of my life. These days, you'll find me shaking it up in Zumba, pulsing it out at the barre, running away from it all on the sidewalk or holding plank contests with myself (I always win!). When I'm not working out or working, I'm probably obsessing over clothes, music or chocolate.


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