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Back to Life

Picking up a blog six months later is really tough. Especially if you don't feel like you have your sh*t together. At all. Anybody with me, here? Right now, I am SO not an inspiration. Just a cautionary tale about what happens when you let life overwhelm you. Essentially, I feel like a sluggish, tired, freaking boring version of the self I'd like to be. Hope you can't relate....

Sometimes, I wish I had a reason fort the blahs (ok, an excuse), but it's nothing epic or dramatic, just late work nights and feeling blech. It's not like I've quit on fitness (still Zumba-ing and running most weekdays), but I'm feeling more and more robotic about it, and getting the lack of results you do when your brain is in overdrive and not in the room/on the trail/in the studio with your body.

Hope nobody minds this half of MOde bringing the real talk about fitting in fitness around your 9-5. Mary's the one to turn to for an example of how that "should" work. So, this year, my content is going to focus on do-able strategies and advice for finding your way back to your physical happy place, in the hope that they'll work for me too...

So, follow along with me as I wander around stupidly, looking for the motivation, inspiration and just plain fun that working out and dancing used to be. Accountability challenge, anyone?

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