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We're here to MOde-ivate YOU!

Why this blog? Because we can't stop talking, thinking and enjoying fitness, that's why!

We're a mother-daughter duo in Cincinnati who loves working and working out together and separately, in class or solo. 9-5, we're the masterminds behind one of the country's fast-growing trade fairs and part of the team behind some serious business-to-business magazine eye candy At 5:01 (OK, sometimes 7:01, but...), we shut off our laptops and head to our fitness lives-- Mary into a booty-kicking fitness teacher who can't wait to show students how much farther they can go than they ever thought possible and Oriana into a dance-loving fitness enthusiast (confession time: you can't take the dancer our of the girl, even if I've swapped pointe shoes for Asics most days).

So what that we don't live in New York or LA? So what that we were barely on social media until now? We're loving the fitness boom in our backyard. Join us for workouts, classes, class reviews, inspiration and fun! We're in it with you!

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