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Goals: Five Creative Tips to Reach Yours

Strong by Zumba in Columbus Ohio with Kelly Bullard

It's great to enjoy where you are. Hold a plank for 5 minutes? You rock! Slay at your barre workout and have the highest releve of your life? Awesome sauce! PR in a race? You go, girl (or guy)?

But, just because you're good doesn't mean better isn't, well, better. Sometimes it's harder to improve from a strong base, in fitness or in life, that it is to start. So, we thought we'd share some of our best ideas to cross those items off your to-do list. Done--as Anna Kaiser would say!

1. Get a good sounding board. It's really easier to underestimate your potential or not see the possibilites. When we felt we'd hit a plateau because of imbalances, we gave a go to a Pilates reformer session with the wonderful Jenny Messer at Messerfit. We found out we were right, but she had some insights that were really fresh. For example, Mary needed more back-body strength work than she thought. That Wunda chair reminded her what sore was. Oriana, who has super-loose hamstrings, found out she needed to work on some knots in her back body, and needed to amp her core game.. So, new goals there!

2. Don't be scared of making it. Success breeds success. It's easy to get derailed when the going gets tough or your feel overwhelmed. But, success in these goals won't mean anyone will ask more of you--or that you have to overachieve. Enjoy the success when it comes.

3. But, do look beyond the current goal. Part of the thrill of getting to your goal can be what it empowers you to try next. It's important to remember that you don't HAVE to conquer the world--what's fun is building on your own foundation. Maybe making it through a 5k feels great, but maybe you want to run faster next time or push for distance.

4. Break it down into bite-size chunks. No matter how big your goals are, day by day is the way to go. Keep reminders on your phone, write it down or on your computer. Setting aside time--just like you would for a meeting--keeps YOU on your own radar.

5. Use social media to stay accountable. A great selfie boost self-esteem--yes, there is research to prove it. And, knowing your friends are tracking you can be a good reminder to get out there and do it!

What are your goals? Let us MOde-ivate each other!

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