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Five Ways to Shake Up Your Fitness

We love working out--most days. It's our recess--we are SO mature that way. But, we hit the wall too, teaching or taking. Thursday was one of those days. Too much work and too little time to think made even Zumba seem like no fun. Chances are, you hit those been there, done that feelings. Or, maybe you just hit the point where one more day of lacing up your sneakers, unrolling your mat or grabbing weight seems like a chore. We've had them too. Sometimes, changing up how you do what you do is a great way to bust out of that feeling. Here are five tips:

1. If you run: Play with pace. Always run sprints? Challenge yourself for a long-haul run. LSD (long slow distance) addict? Speed it up. Really need a break? Head to a spin or cardio dance class for a different kind of high. Bribe yourself: try out some new kicks.

2. If you do Zumba or cardio dance: Flip your focus. If you usually try to get every.little.step just so, try thinking about feeling the music. If you have a foot fixation, take a look at the teacher's arms. Move to a different spot. Want more of a change? Try kickboxing. It's intense in a different way. Bribe yourself: download your favorite song from class.

3. If you do yoga: Think full body. For one class, don't get stuck on one body part. Check your overall alignment. Challenge yourself--close your eyes in balances or work on a specific pose. Looking for an alternative? Give a TRX class a try--you'll work strength in a new way but still with balance and alignment. Bribe yourself: that new mat is calling--get a good one.

4. If you lift weights: Experiment with high rep/low weight vs heavy weights/lower reps. Play with the timing--focus on eccentric phase of each movement. Give body bars or kettle bells a go. Need some creative advice? Book a trainer for some one on one ( not us yet, but hopefully soon!). Bribe yourself: trawl the internet for some crazy-cool sculpting moves.

5. If you do barre or Pilates: Form is everything. Try to perfect yours in basic movements. Push for that last rep. Try to engage your muscles correctly, especially when you start to fatigue. Use isometric resistance throughout each movement. Want more change? Head to a body-resistance class. Bribe yourself: workout gear can make the workout--sometimes!

How do you stay inspired?

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