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Event Recap: Halloween Spooktacular Zumbathon

Confession time: We love a great dance party. It's a perfect antidote to the world of words, emails and trying to do 50 thinigs at once (we're looking at you, Microsoft Outlook!). Once in a while, it's fun to be a kid and just move because we've been sitting too long and it feels good to move, shake and/or drop everything. Combine that with four great Zumba teachers--Jamie, Latasha, Terrie and Tobi--and we're in. So in, in fact, that Tobi barely had to ask if we were going.

It was just as fun as promised--a great playlist and lots of energy. Taking a break from the mental Oylmpics of goal-oriented felt good. So, now that we're refreshed, time to go practice Strong by Zumba. See you in 100 lunges!!!

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