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MOde Gives Back (You Should, Too): Athleta Cardio Dance Class, Dec. 3 9AM-10AM

There's a reason they call it dancing your heart out. We're the first one to say dance makes you feel good. Now, we want it to make you DO good, too. That's why we're so excited to share that Mary Scoviak will be teaching a dance cardio class at Athleta Kenwood to wrap up that store's Giving Tuesday campaign. What's dance cardio, you ask? Well, think about getting to channel your inner backup dancer to some mega-high-energy tunes. It's the best of aerobics and dance in one. Like this, but sans weights.

This FREE class is all ages--bring the kids or join the kids--and donations will benefit Girls on the Run. Stay tuned for more details or give us your suggestions on songs (clean!) that you'd like to move to.

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