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Five Things We're Thankful For

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!! We were too busy unplugging and living in the moment to post yesterday, so we're keeping the thankfulness going into Black Friday! We have a lot to be grateful for this year--including you, readers--so here are five things that make us say "Thanks."

1. Our health. This sounds like sappy junk, but in the last year, one of us had a major health scare and we were both hit by a van as we walked our dog last Christmas. Somehow, we were both OK after the crash and the tests came back negative, but we are NEVER taking health or fitness for granted again. Nothing like being strapped to a gurney with a suspected concussion to make movement a joy.

2. The Crunch Mason team. Mary would like to thank her bosses, Jeff and Todd, the instructor team and the students who make her turn "on" even after a really long day with their enthusiasm.

3. The Norwood Y team. Tori, the front desk staff, the loyal students who've made this class a home base the whole time Mary has taught there--this is where the Zumba journey started and this blog wouldn't be here without all of you.

4. Dancekids Studio. Denise Devery, Trevor Downey and the Warren County Theater Project brought Oriana back to performing and the magic of ballet. Blown away doesn't even begin to cover the effect of seeing so many people's passion and dedication turn into five magical shows at Hauck Mansion. Just wow.

5. The fitness and dance community. We're both constantly inspired by what's going on around us. From class at 305 fitness in New York to a traning and a masterclass (more on that later!) with Kelly Bullard and live classes with Sleek Technique (HUGE shout-out to the lovely Flik and VIctoria from Oriana for their patience with her tech woes), MOde wouldn't be what it is without all of you.

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