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Review:Sleek Technique Live Class

Oriana here with confession time. Like a lot of former dancers who love fitness, I'm torn between the "high" of intense workouts like running and Zumba and the beauty and artistry of ballet. I've been a bunhead for 20 years, and that will always be my physical home base, no matter how many weights I lift or miles I run. But, I'm short on patience, so I wanted something that took that grace and attention to detail of ballet with a more conditioning focus. That's how I found Sleek Technique, a ballet workout (NOT barre) developed by two UK dancers and delivered via a Skype-like two way video platform.

First off, really being TAUGHT is something I missed. Most adult fitness don't teach or only correct for safety. The instructors can see you and correct in detail. The classes themselves range from Cardio Ballet Blast, which feels like a fast ballet class, to more mat-focused toning. There is no music, which is fine with me, but might be odd to some dancers.

The exercises aren't strenuous--they're not butt burners in the sense of a brutal Pilates session. But, since you're never moving just one body part, the focus required is intense, especially since the teachers can see you and you CAN'T cheat up or take it easy.For me, the enforced accountability really changes my RPE (rate of perceived exertion)! And, the positive feedback can put a smile on any student's face.

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