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Role MOdels: Harold HD from 305 Fitness

Photocredit: Greg Berg

We loved 305. We really did. So, read on for insights and inspo from our awesome teacher there, Harold HD: Find out what this singer/teaching dynamo has in his gym bag, ,how he found 305 and more! Don't forget to hit up 305 fitness if you are in NYC!

- How did you get into 305? What dance background do you have? I was introduced to 305 via another instructor and dear friend, Hannah Hildreth. I started taking dance classes my freshman year at Amherst College and here we are now! My dance technique consists of mostly modern, West African and hip-hop.

- ​

What makes 305 unique to you? What's your cross-training like? How do you keep the class revved the whole time through the toning breaks and cardio drills?

​305 is like no other workout that I've done before - the combination of DJ, light show, energetic and no-ego instructor and fly music makes us stand out... All that AND the class is pretty tough! My personal cross-training involves taking CARDIO, SCULPT and YOGA classes at our studio, practicing my personal training in KM BODY by Claire Hung and lifting weights from time to time. I also practice a Vegan diet and it fuels me really well for the work I'm called to do! I keep my classed revved up by offering a steady stream of encouragement, toughness and joy. My personal goal is to always seek the right balance of those factors based on the clients I'm working with that day.

​- ​

What's in your gym bag? How do you stay motivated? What's your favorite jam? Do you get to take other instructors' classes? Do you take anywhere but 305?

​My gym bag is a leopard-print bookbag that has wings on it! :) I always have a change of clothes for class, body oil for post-workout moisture, BCAA powder, a Blender bottle, umbrella, massage toy and tennis ball!​ I stay motivated by LOVING WHAT I DO. I love to dance and I love the fitness world and 305 combines the two seamlessly. My favorite current jam in the studio is a song that I choreographed to: "It's Not Right But It's Okay (Thunderpuss Remix)" by Whitney Houston. I definitely take other teachers' classes, especially those with the owner, Sadie Kurzban! I'm currently not very active in classes at other spaces, but I have taken class at Barry's Bootcamp, Flywheel and SoulCycle.

​- ​

Your ambition is to be a singer. How does 305 play into that?

305 has helped build my confidence in front of large groups and that plays a huge part in being vulnerable as an R&B singer who wants to connect with my viewers. ​It's also a great vocal warmup because I'm on a mic and having to be loud and clear while jumping and twerking!

​- ​

What tips do you have for 305 newbies? What about experienced dance cardio students looking to maximize their classes?

​305 newbies should come in and find a good emotional balance of excitement and anxiety. I know that sounds weird, but just be ready to have a wild experience like you'd never had! Know that 305 is about coming as you are and letting go of egos and insecurities and having an awesome workout all the while. Experienced cardio students should come and be ready to push their limits! The class is fun AND tough - there are tons of opportunities to get that heart rate higher, especially in our toning and sprint sections! #highknees

Check out Harold's website for his schedule and the chance to train with hiim at!

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