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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 7

Sunday Finday! Your challenge for today is to remember that staying active needs to be fun, not just functional. Even when you're working toward a goal, taking a day once in a while to just enjoy moving is crucial. You don't want to burn yourself out mentally--shaking muscles at the end of a barre class are one thing, a shaking apart mind is something else.

Beast MOde (your workout)

Here's our challenge to YOU! Find 30 minutes of activity you love--dancing, playing with dogs/cats/kids, you name it. Don't think of it as exercise, just enjoy getting up and moving around. Set out with family or friends and get out of the car/off the train 15 minutes away and talk a walk through the holiday scenery. If the weather is lousy (and it is in MOdeland today), make the gym a playground and try the climbing wall, or hit the racquetball courts.

MOde Lifestyle (tips for healther holidays)

Before the holiday week starts, plan ahead. Make healthy meals and snacks today for the week!


"Why do they call moving "working" out? It's playtime!" MOde original

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