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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 11

One more day before the big MOdemas finish! We're winding up for the hiolidays! Share your stuff on fb #12daysofmodemas!

Beast MOde ( your workout)

We're doing a double header tonight (Mary teaching, Oriana taking), so you get a double dose. Pick two of our MOde challenges and put them together for an added burn. Here are some ideas:


Strength: Day 10

Cardio: Day 9

Need to Refocus?

Strength: Day 8

Cardio: Day 4

Want a Burnout?

Strength 1: Day 2

Strength 2: Day 5

MOde Lifestyle (tips for healthier holidays)

Unplug! Make time off social media (even if it means leaving us for a while :-()


""You Matter" MOde original

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