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Insta-Envy: Is Good Ever Good Enough?

Here's our best attempt at feeling Instagram ready. Now to make that every day!

#Fitspo is great. Until you find yourself looking at Instagram and thinking "I'll never be as pretty as X, as ripped as Y or as bendy as Z, so I just want to give up." Trust me, we've been there. Even if you're feeling totally perfect that day, one other chick's perfect back can send you into a tailspin. I never knew a thigh gap was a thing until somebody said so. Now, it feels like EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET is somehow a fitness supermodel--except for the one in the mirror.

Sound familiar? Probably! We'd love to say we have an Insta-cure, but not yet. We'd also love to say "look inside, that's what counts." That's true but not very helpful when you want a perfect leggings-and-tank shot.

So, our challenge to you is to unplug! Take the time to make an (offline) scrapbook of your fitness life and goals. Want better arms? Take a series of images in a sleeveless top or dress. Appreciate what YOU do. And, if you DO want to share, give us your stories and before-and-afters!

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