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Virtual Reality: Maximizing Online Workouts

Time crunched? Of course. If you feel like getting to the gym takes as long as your workout, you're not alone.....And, the plethora of workouts available online means you can still get a sweat on at home. But, how do you make sure you work it as hard as you do at the gym? Here are some tricks to make you feel like you're right there in the studio.

1. Set a time. Treat it like you would a regular class. 7PM? I'm on!

2. Clear a space. Make sure you have room and set up equipment (if needed) beforehand.

3. Dress up. Yes, changing your clothes can change your mood!

4. Focus. Shut the door if you can. Close curtains if you're annoyed at the thought of someone seeing in.

5. Grab a pal (optional). If you know someone who shares your goals, make that workout a double and ask them over!

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