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Functional Fitness: What Does It Mean to You?

My idea of functional fitness, above. My hair and the dishes say "tx" for dragging it into the house.

Even if you have a desk job, your daily life requires that you be physically competent. Maybe you've got little ones to run after, pick up etc. Maybe you're the "mom" of a fur baby who needs your help getting around. Maybe you're a DIY-er who loves working on refinishing furniture pieces or building things. Or maybe you just don't want to lose time taking extra trips in from the car if you can't carry a lot at one time.

That's the "fun" in functional fitness---being empowered to do more in your day to day life with ease. It's also a great way to mentally reset your training goals if you're hitting a rut. Try one workout a week that's designed around a functional goal. Working on a big painting project? Try some upper-body strength work. Planning a long hike on the weekend? Toss in some extra walking lunges and squats or add in some single leg deadlifts to target your lower body and stabilize your ankles.

What does functional fitness mean to you? Let us know!

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