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Sneak Preview: The Barre Code Cincinnati

Cincinnati's on the hot list for branded fitness offers from Cyclebar to Crunch to Pure Barre. The Barre Code, a women's only gym based out of Chicago, is the newest kid on the block--at 615 N. Main by the streetcar stop, to be exact. So, how is this barre studio different than the rest? We stopped by their pop-up class at Athleta Kenwood to find out. First off, it's not just barre--the studio offers HIIT and bootcamp-style classes as well, and will add other formats later in the year. Secondly, it's more than a studio--it's about community and women empowering each other (great message right about now!).

barre code

The Athleta class was a barre class--give or take, you know, a barre. Beyond the limitations of the space, though, master trainer (and ex-Bengal Cheerleader) Alexa Brenneman did an A+ job of giving clear, shake-inducing instruction that motivated the students even on a snowy morning. It was kind of hard to tell what a full class with equipment and a barre would be like, so we'll hold off on a pulse-by-pulse review until April, when the studio opens. What we can say, though, is that we can't wait for more Code-ing experience! Check out their facebook page to find out how to score a Founding Membership and lock in your rate, or hit up their next pop up March 15 at Lululemon Hyde Park!

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