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Class Review: ABC at Body By Simone

body by simone oriana lerner abc

Like you, we work. Our schedules are crazy and don't always work with 5:45 and 7:00 PM classes. So, we've logged a lot of time with streaming workouts. We have a lot of virtual girlfriends as trainers. Body by Simone founder Simone de la Rue (a classically trained former dancer) has been in heavy rotation lately, thanks to cardio that works your legs harder than your brain and sculpting work that's truly, soreness-worthy thorough. But, what happens when you get to take a real time class with your living room-gym BFF?

The stars aligned and we were in LA on business in time for the launch of her latest format, ABC (arms, back and core) an upper-body complement to her iconic lower-body burnout HTB (hips, thighs,buns). And, Simone herself was teaching--a rare occurrence these days.

First off, the space is perfect. The layout is foolproof--you enter and head up the only staircase to the front desk and studios, all of which are clearly marked. One comment--there are no locks for lockers, though you can stow your bags at the front desk. Cute bathrooms with the usual upscale toiletries. Love the terrace. The studio itself is bright, airy and full of light--just energizing enough without being overdesigned.

And, the class? First off, it's really a "boutique" size--maxed out at around 15 people. Yes, many of them were indeed actresses/former models/jewelry designers. No, it didn't matter once we started--hard is hard, whatever your job description. We started with her signature warmup and a brief but intense (all jumping!) dance cardio segment, before moving on to the strength work (and another cardio segment. That was a burnout that included a series of flowing arm movements with wrist weights, and work that combined 3-lb. hand weights with wrist weights, along with some resistance band work with a flat Theraband-like band (surprisingly, that was the hardest part of class for us) and one song of exercises with 5-lb. weights that combined standing abs and sets of 10 reps. The class ended with some back and ab work on the mat, along with more weight work and a flurry of punches with the 5's just before the end. Killer playlist, too.

Simone is just plain amazing. Of course, she's bouncy and super-enthuastic and yes, a Body by Simone is a life goal. But, she's also an excellent trainer. Her form cues are spot on and she really does correct. She'll stop the class to correct form, especially on things like band work where it's easy to cheat. She's not there to perform--she's there to coach. And inspire! So, we will definitely be hitting up BBS in NYC and LA whenever we travel.

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