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Class Reviews: 305 Fitness V2 and Z Club NY

We got obsessed with the high-energy moves and “no concentration needed” choreo at the Midtown New York studio last November. So, how did it stack up when we went back and tried it again, including at its other NYC studio in The Village? This time around, our instructors were Walter K. (Midtown) and Symone G. (The Village).

First of all, maybe it was the song list right now, but neither one of us hit that sweat-dripping intensity of last time. Think more Zumba-style shaking and stepping and less plyo, a few star jumps aside. Both instructors had very similar songs/playlists. One day was arms for the 5-minute toning section and the other was 5 minutes of abs with ankle weights. Both of those were tough. Abs tend to fall off my (Oriana’s) fitness to-do list when I’m time-crunched, which is horrible but true. Overall, these classes are more fun-dance-party than adrenaline rush.

Speaking of fun, we also hit up a new class at Z club with Volha Parkhats. That was a whole different kind of hard—she really teaches, and really wants you to follow her as, “do your arms like my arms.” The choreo was a lot more complex than most Zumba. Perfect class for a Sunday afternoon!

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