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Solo vs Group Workouts: Finding Motivation


Does the idea of a long solo run make you feel the "The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner" or just plain relieved to get some "me time?"

If you're like most of us, both have a place in your workout life. You might love to run or cycle on your own, then join your tribe for Zumba, yoga, barre or bootcamp. So, how do you get the most out of either kind?

* On your own: The upside of going it alone? You're free to think your own thoughts and push yourself--whether it's for a faster mile or a longer session. What's not so easy is doing it without the group energy. Top tip? Set out with an intention for the session. And, if you want some crowd support, check out apps like Nike Running that give you some props as you go.

*With your swolemates: Hey, who doesn't get a rush from being around a bunch of supercharged pals? But, it you're not feeling it, it gets tempting to "phone it in" and ride their energy. Top tip: don't hide. If you're feeling tired, head for the front, not the back. Hey, if the instructor's looking....

Do you like sweating solo or with a group? Let us know!

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