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I'm sick of looking at other people's lives! When I was hunting for inspiration for workouts and teaching (Mary here), I got so frustrated with the Instagram 20 day challenges and Instagram trainers/stars and feel like I can't transform anything. Heck, I barely have time to power off the computer. The pressure to be perfect enough, busy enough, or "do" enough made me want to do none of it, give up and grab a diet Coke. Not a good idea.

It took the most amazing memorial service for one of the most amazing women I've ever known to help me see how much I want to live MY life, not vicariously through a computer screen. As friends and family gathered to celebrate her life, I got to talk to one of her family, a woman who blew away every excuse I could ever come up with. Like me and a lot of people, she had aspects of her life and lifestyle that weren't healthy or happy for her. Without crazy self-analysis, she moved halfway across the country to be with her sisters and start living a life that was really a life. She's radiant and she's older than me but looks 20 years younger and is fully of real energy, not manic stress or bustle, but the real energy that comes with living a life she loves. As I talked to the people there, people who were living their lives and not worrying about how that looked to other people, or

whether they were "enough" I realized how energized I felt just being there. How long has it been since you've been in a room with no air-kissing or obsessive tech (the only phone use involved sharing puppy pictures)? I go to gyms, studios, boutique studios, you name it and I rarely see groups of people so fit, dressed to suit themselves and came together to share a meal and just focusing and what makes people really happy, healthy and alive.

I saw people dancing as a celebration of life, not (as at some parties I've been to, yes that includes "professional" gatherings) just a way to act or pass the time.

It's time to get REAL. So, my challenge to all of you is: Find something you really LOVE and do it. Don't give a thought to what other people think. Just jump and flap really fast--you'll get great arms if nothing else :-) Share this, do this, tell us about it.Forget the 30-day plan.

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