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What Dance Does for You that Other Workouts Don't

Z Club NY instructor Volha Parkhats*

Every type of workout has benefits beyond your abs. But, what about dance??? From ballet to Zumba, moving to music works your mind and body in a way that's unique. Here are a few of those ways. Some will surprise you. Some won't!

It (might) challenge your endurance more than other gym classes. Other formats might be more intense, but dance and cycle are almost the only classes at most gyms and clubs that don't stop from warm up to cool down. No stopping to reset equipment or rest--even between songs, you can still keep moving. Getting your heart up for 40+ minutes unleashes benefits that shorter workouts don't, even if they are intense. And, most dance classes run an hour.

It keeps your muscles guessing. No matter how much you hit the floor, you never know what is coming at you! Thanks to the low punches and high kicks from Volha for that reminder. Your body can't ever quite go on autopilot--good for results and keeping you interested.

It will make you smarter. Studies show that dancing staves off dementia. It also helps you connect your mind and body and that makes your other workouts more effective.

It's also, obviously,fun!!!!!

*Photo grabbed off Volha's FB page. If anyone knows the credit, let me know. And, hit up her class if you're ever in NY!

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