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Join us and The Sweat Life to end gun violence

Like all of you, we were shocked and saddened by the horrific events in Las Vegas. We were also angered. Gun control isn't just a political issue--it's life or death. We need to stand up and do whatever we can to prevent violence--in cities, at concerts, in homes--everywhere. No political lobby should be able to say it's OK for individuals to have an arsenal. Period. So, when NYC fitness rock star Aly Teich of The Sweat Life posted her #gunsagainstgunviolence campaign, we knew we had to get onboard. All you have to do to show your support is post a picture of yourself with a heart on the inside of your arm (real or photoshop!) and use the #gunsagainstgunviolence hashtag on IG. Aly will share every images (TX for the insta shoutout to us!)They're teaming up with Everytown to help empower you to call representatives to work for gun control. Text ACT to 63344 to get involved.

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