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Event Recap: Zumbathon Charity Event benefiting Puerto Rico and Mexico!

Can U Keep Up with MOde? Here's Mary getting ready to throw down for a good cause!

It's been one of those weeks--how do you come down from pulling an all-nighter at work (worth it, but more tiring than a 10k up hill) ? Dance--it's better than exploding/imploding. We needed intense and we got it. Sorry, 305 Fitness, but Cincinnati can still kick our (peach emojis) thanks to a killer lineup of instructors and an on-fire playlist.

There's nothing like being in a room when the A-list brings their A-game. The energy level from a packed gym and 15 or so instructors including half of the MOde was electric.

The event raised over $1,400 for hurricane and earthquake victims in Mexico and Puerto Rico! Thanks Lucy Clock for the photo!

We're so used to saving up the "PR" energy for solo work or workouts, that it was just magic to see people as willing to bring that "up to to 11" push to a group setting. Kick higher (AGAIN)? Sure, at least from the people around us. Jump? You bet. Every instructor threw down with his or her best moves, music and passion. Huge thanks too to the DJ Tony Pabon, and of course all the instructors (too many to name here!) It felt like New York-level dance cardio landed in Cincinnati, than drank a double shot of espresso and jumped on stage. Wepaaaa!

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