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MOde Holiday Challenge: Goals not #goals

It seems like every piece of fitness inspiration is a photo-ready #transformationtuesday. It's really tempting to set up all your fitness goals around that easy, hashtag-able catchphrase or vacay photoshoot.

So, how do you learn to set and achieve the kind of goals that don't fit on a mobile screen? That's our challenge to you!

Take some time over the holidays (even 10 minutes is enough), and think through where you want to get to--and why. What are you REALLY saying when you say "I want to get up early in 2018" or "I want to drop five pounds" or "I need more money?" What makes those bucket-list goals?

Put down that "why" as your goal, then puzzle out the "how." It doesn't matter how long or "messy" that explanation is. You're worth the time.

Here's one from us to get you started: In 2018, we'd like to be less reactive--to stress, to schedules, to circumstances--and be more proactive.

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