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MOde Eats: Salt Craving Buster

In another life, both of the MOde masterminds were probably deer (not the angry doe who once chased our Lab across the yard, but that's another story). Salty seasonings tend to last about 10% as long as they are supposed to around here. It's like that. Here's our healthy way to grab a savory snack. We started with cauliflower so we can pretend it's good for us....

Preheat oven to 350. Cut head of cauliflower in thirds and place in baking dish with cooking spray. Season to taste with: Spike Vegit Magic from @amazon, Adobo seasoning from @wholefoods and Kernel Seasons cheddar seasoning from almost any major chain grocery store. Bake for one hour to 90 minutes and enjoy!

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