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Club Fitz Masterclass Review

Thanks Tammi Kay for the photos.

Let's be honest here: we're usually up for high cardio, super-sweaty classes. So, when we found out that booty-whisperer Lauren Fitzgerald of Club Fitz was coming to town, we knew we were in for a chance of pace. Less jumping, more twerking!

What did we think? First of all, we're addicted to the high of a really intense class. If it doesn't leave your hair looking gross...we'll pass. This event, for us, felt more like a two-hour sculpting session. Abs on fire! Booty engaged.

Gotta say, even though this was a best-in-class low impact dance workout, it's just not our thing. Clearly, it is for a lot of people--that room was PACKED with dancers having a great time and Lauren has about 80k FB followers. If you're into to moving your way through bodyweight-only sculpting, this would be a fun night out (or in, as her YouTube channel is updated frequently with full routines). Follow her here for a schedule.

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