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MOde Fitness Challenge: Day 2

Congrats on Day 1 !: Remember to share pics, inspriation and encourgaement on FB with #12daysofmodemas!

Beast MOde (your workout)

Short and not so sweet. It's interval time! This 15-minute workout can be any cardio you want. Run it, bike it, walk it, row it or do it on the elliptical--as long as you challenge yourself. Again, warm up first, then try three rounds of this:

Minute 1

Go at a fast but comfortable pace--you should be able to talk but not sing.

Minute 2

Take it up a notch

Minute 3

Push it! This is no talking time.

Minute 4

Work back down the curve to minute 2

Minute 5

Bring it up a bit.

Try to go faster/with more resistance each round. Then curse us :-)

MOde Lifestyle

Don't skimp on sleep--obviously! But, quality counts too. Power down your screens at least an hour before bedtime. And, no illicit smartphone use, either! Keep it out of the bedroom if you can. If not, put it far away from your head and turn the screen down.


"Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion" Isaac Newton (who's likely rolling in his grave at this use of his scientific knowledge)

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