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Running With the MOde Mutt

oreo, dog

Meet Oreo. Half Lab, half Border Collie ( or so they said at the rescue). Always ready to go!

We always have a step tracker around. Ours just happens to be furry and not have an "off" setting. The MOde Mutt, Oreo, is shamelessly in love with her leash. Over the years, we've gone from wagging, to fast wagging, to barking, whining and super-wagging. This dog LOVES to move. We wonder where she gets that from...

She's already used her foolproof, human-melting stare to ensure that she comes along on nearly every walk we take, conquer all furniture in sight and get way too much attention.

So, one day when I was time-crunched and came home to a pent-up Oreo, no surprise that I was tempted to take her for a run. OK, so run/walk. Just a few caveats: Oreo can pull like an ox, even on a harness, her top speed is at least a couple MPH above mine and she likes to stop and sniff every so often.

We headed off to a very quiet street for our first six-legged workout--a mile loop that's pretty low on distractions. And, she did great. We stopped for her to walk/lose focus/go to the bathroom a few times, but we returned in one piece. I won't be signing up for a 5K with her anytime soon (she still likes to pull toward other dogs, especially if they are much larger than 55-pound Oreo), but it was a great "family activity" for us. It took a lot more attention to run with the furkid in tow and definitely wasn't a great mile time for me, but it's a fun way to add a warm-up or cool-down jog.

Do you run your dog? If so, how'd it go? And, how on earth do you stop looking at that adorable face everytime you have to stop?

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