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#SweatySaturday: CycleGiving AHA Go Red for Women Ride!

Why are we smiling? First off, we had a great time tapping it back and paying it forward at Cyclebar Liberty Township's CycleGiving AHA Go Red for Women ride. And, after countless business dinners and drink invites, we hearted the chance to come together with like-minded people to support a good cause over something that wasn't a table. Asking students for their time and supporting THEIR fitness puts the "fun" back in fundraising, so thanks Cheryl Hickey for putting this together and Brandi for leading a freakin' awesome class. In 50 minutes, the hundreds of dollars raised and thousands of collective watts ignited by the class built a group power vibe that no flight of wines can match. There's a lot to be said for a natural high. You don't get a headache, for one. Two, your feet don't fall asleep from sitting too long. Three, seeing "OL" at the top of the leaderboard was a thrill.

(Oriana): At work it's fun to be a team player, but when I work out, I have a competitive streak. I get off on letting that adreneline rush out an in, er controlled environment (no skydiving, sorry). Turning cortisol into watts just makes me feel alive. I don't go into every class wanting to take on the world--but when I do, I relish the chance to just GO FOR IT and stop thinking.

(Mary) I'll push myself with or without a reward in sight. So, when a glitch in my computer gave me a "0," I was suprised at how much I missed the metric? Did I turn the knob up as much as I could? Did I push my RPM enough? I don't think so--I felt like I was still holding back that last 5%. Next time, I'm not going to do that!

Thinking of checking out Cyclebar? Stay tuned for our in-depth review!

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