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Upgrade your (stability) Ball Game

Stability balls are great for core training. You've probably done crunches on them, passed them from your hands to your feet and planked on them. Great, right? But, here is one you might not have tried--the stability ball developpe arabesque. It's great for core, hamstrings and glutes and, yes, it feels pretty cool too. Try this one barefoot--it's easier--and make sure you have plenty of room.

Start in a plank with your feet on the top the the ball. Pike up to bring your feet in toward your hands. Turn your toes over so the balls of your feet are on the ball. Engage your core, bend your right knee and lift your right leg to the ceiling as high as you can. It might only be a few inches off the ball. Return to start and switch sides. Try for five reps each leg.

This is a great balance challenge! Go here for video. Please share your photos with us on FB or Insta @themodefitness!

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